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Welcome to 3DAnimatedText.Com, where you can find more than 1,000 pages of free, high-quality animations to make your web site or blog more interesting.

They're all animated GIFs (not Flash) that you can use on any web site or blog. And you'll find a wide selection of fonts and textures used in these animations.

Some of the collections have more than 100 animated messages that can be used as page headings or links.

If some of your pages are long, place a Top Of Page animation at the bottom that's a link to the top. You can find them in the Gold Dust Collection, the Gold Dust Wave Collection, the Jump For Joy Collection, the Electric Blue Collection, and the the Electric Orange Collection.

And when you check out the lists of other animated messages you'll find others that you can use.

My Gold Dust animations have two textures. The side textures are gold, just like you'd find on a gold ring. The front textures are sparkling gold dust.

There are 126 animated messages that can be used as headings for your web pages or as links. And each animation comes in eight sizes to meet your needs.

These have the same textures as the Gold Dust animations. But they're like the "Wave" that the crowds do at baseball games.

They have six messages, each with your choice of three background colors and six sizes.

I used the font "Century Schoolbook" and made the letters look like blue glass with electric arcs passing through them.

There are 128 animated messages, each coming in eight sizes.

These are just like the Electric Blue animations except the textures are orange.

This is a lively collection. When I straighten out a computer problem I'm having, I'll start adding to it.

Currently, it includes 49 animated messages.

Everybody likes these, so I gave them a page of their own.

You can find them in Blink In Turn , Gold Dust, Gold Dust Wave, Jump For Joy, Electric Blue, Electric Orange, Morph To Center, and Shut Your Mouth animations.

This is another collection that I'll be adding to before long.

It currently has nine animated messages, each with a choice of five background colors, with seven sizes to choose from.

They're all created using the Zurick font.

If you're a fellow stumbler, you'll find a number of animations including: Crash Drop, Roll Drop, Jump For Joy, Sparkle Wave, Squiggle Wave, Roll In Turn, Stretch, and Morph To Center.

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